Saturday, April 20, 2024

Reunion Photos

We think really hard about how photos and videos taken at Holiday School are used, and how sites like Facebook and YouTube can so easily make sensitive information very public. We want to try to make sure that no one is embarrassed or upset, and that no harm comes from things being put online. We also want Holiday School to continue being the intimate and wonderful place it has always been.

Once photos and videos are ‘out there’ on the internet, it can be impossible to regain control of them. We feel a responsibility to ask you to be really careful, and consider any potential issues before uploading. Ask yourself what the people in the photos might feel, and who might be looking at them. Remember that for many people, Holiday School is a very personal event. If you’re in any doubt, leave it out.

As you know we keep our own collection of photos on the Holiday School website for everyone to look at, and we’re more than happy to add your images to our galleries. Most are open to anyone who is aware of the site, but they are hidden from search engines like Google, so complete strangers to Holiday School will probably never come across them. Some recent photographs also have an extra password. This password can be obtained by emailing

If you download any images from this site please remember that they belong to Holiday School, and keep our advice in mind if you go on to use them in another setting. Thanks for your patience and understanding, now please enjoy the photos!