Join the Staff

Yorkshire Friends Holiday School are looking for some new lovely people to join our Staff Team!

This is a voluntary role, helping at the event from Saturday 18th - Sunday 25th August 2023 at Bootham School in York. We organise and run activity groups, speaker sessions and socials, as well as providing pastoral care to our participants throughout the week. It is fast-paced but a lot of fun!

If you’re interested, please see contact

We have a soft deadline for applications of 31st March 2024. This is in the hope that new staff can attend our residential planning weekend at the end of April. However, you may still apply after this date and be considered for Holiday School 2024, or for future events.

Based on the age of our participants and student helpers (13 - 21 year olds), all applicants for the staff team must be 22 or over by 31st August 2024.